On-line Video networks such as YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, etc. are proving a valuable tool in the commercial sector. Media companies, Motor manufacturers and I. T. providers have been exploiting the back door access to potential customers for the last year or so. They have been in a position to take advantage of this communication medium because they already had a comprehensive availability of promotional video material so the opportunity was just a board meeting and conversion process away.

With the help of a cost effective production company like Video-4u.co.uk your business can also take advantage of increased exposure without breaking your budget. Increasingly web users are searching YouTube and other such sites to find information on products and services. Isn't it time that your business was communicating to that audience?

At Video-4u we can take existing material, photography, drawings, presentations, videos etc. and combine them with music, narration and animation to create an informative and compelling resume' of your product range or skills set. After uploading to the internet your clips can be linked into your existing web site or added to any future presentation. The production created is in full DVD quality so can be used to support any of your existing presentation projects such as on exhibition stands, in reception displays or promotional DVD production.

Don't take my word for it, get on line and see how other companies are taking advantage of online video. Then call me to discuss how this technology might be applied to your specific business. 0121 603 4479

Neil Mitchell